Family Literacy/Even Start Resources


GENERAL LINKS TO SITES WITH EVEN START INFORMATION - Colorado Even Start - Evaluation reports on all sorts of Even Start initiatives. - This page has a few beautifully-created  PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files with good resources. You must had Acrobat Reader on your machine to view these files. If not, download the program free from that site. PDF files sometimes take a long time to load because you must wait for the program to open before loading the file. - This Maryland site has lost of resources on the left-had column. Check out the Family Reading Plan. - Sample of a very simple Even Start webpage that outlines some fun stuff they do. - National Center for Family Literacy site. - This site might have some aspects to incorporate into grants for Even Start activities.

ACTIVITIES FOR FAMILIES TO DO TOGETHER - Multimedia science projects. - Not free, but booklists for family literacy from Scholastic. - More books, but not fee. - Fun science and other stuff to do! - Activity topics to explore. - A free PDF book on how to increase your baby's brain power. Lots of stuff to do. - Family activities from one program. Looks good.  - Some PACT activities. - Some good ideas for Even Start in rural communities. - Reading Is Fundamental site. Lots of resources and activities. - Leave it to the Canadians. Activity kits and ideas for family fun.