GED Resources


A FEW LINKS TO INFORMATION, PRACTICE TESTING AND TUTORIALS - Links to lots of resources - This site links to the official GED site with information helpful to students. It also links to a College Credit Recommendation Service and information on Military Programs. - Excellent resource for GED preparation with graded sample questions. Click on the links in the left-hand column. - This is a one-stop site for GED resources. If you go nowhere else, browse through its links! Thanks, Anne McGinley, for the reference. - This PBS site has a wealth of materials available to teachers and students, from practice testing to lessons online and on TV. Browse through the resources and determine how you can best use them. Registration is required but many services are free. - Pretty awesome free resources with lots of help. My suggestion is to use these resources to complete a project or solve a real-life problem rather than just another memorization site. - Full of links to lots of GED prep material. Take your time running through this one. - Several practice tests, including sections of the GED. - This is a very helpful site that gives examples and tutorials on several sections of the GED. - This site prepares students for the test and offers lots of support, including online grading and feedback. However, it does cost $50.00 per entry. Can several people use the same registration? Worth asking or trying if you are interested. - You must have asked for it, and there it is- an easily-accessible frame for looking into great resources for adult students.


Four Corners Virtual Resource Center, 2000
CDE Adult Education and Family Literacy, Center for At-Risk Education (CARE)