Pam Hogan ESL sites for Adult Learners


1. English Practice - Para practicar Inglés 

This site,, is a good site w/ audio vocabulary, phrases and grammar from English to Spanish.


Set interface to native language. Picture and Sound/text in Target Language.

English w/Spanish interface has fantastic grammar and sentence examples also.


memory match picture vocabulary w/sound, find pairs, concentration style game  Activities for ESL students  dialogs w/audio and Spanish support.

75 Dialogs w/ sound. Click line by line Slow or Fast, translation in Chinese only.


or  Learn English Spanish or French w/ pictures and sound  List of different vocabulary w/pictures like: 

vvvvv Randal’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab at recommend = “Nice to meet you” dialogue & quiz (escuchar diálogos y examencitos)

Click on Quiz Script to see text, then play audio - click vocabulary then English vocabulary. Also Listening then Q & A for Learning English stories w/ sound and exercises. - Dialogue practice- no audio   all 12 Minimal Pairs chapters list

or - Minimal Pairs w/ audio  for “TH”  and other confusing letter sounds  quizzes, no audio - no audio, vocabulary, hangman, matching - more difficult has lots of phrases in English w/ audio. Sound. works best in Windows Media player mode. - Oprima CURSOS SHERATON  grammar and translation. No audio first link is to the url below: quite a good site w/ audio vocab, phrases and grammar Eng-Span.    escribe cualquier oración  y el robot le va a contestar como una conversación. Text chat -talk w/ a robot.  Beware errors! She answered me with “what is your students like?”  Can pay for sound version

2. Reading Books - Leer libros

vvv -  click on “Little Explorers” Spanish/English Picture dictionary, then click on any letter in the top row – great!! but no audio. - children’s stories in English or Spanish - Tweenies stories & songs BBC England

vvv - The Fisherman and His Wife: words, pictures and audio

Mother Goose on the Web, Mother Goose audio versions: 3 Little Kittens, Old Mother Hubbard, Little Red Riding Hood

vvvvv -  “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” and others w/ darling pictures and audio

vvvvv  Poetry & Rhymes good, but no audio  - Fables/Stories in Spanish & English   - good, but no audio - Hit Low Bandwidth site, then Playground for Dr. Seuss educational activities  basic elementary level Sesame Street - Tocar:  Reading Zone> Picture Books>Bedtime Stories: (Cuentos más difíciles More difficult - Grades 4 and up) Alice in Wonderland, “Owl & the Pussycat” long text with old fashioned detailed illustrations, scroll for more stories. - L-1 (Spanish) reading practice.

v - Not a free site any more.  Charging annual membership. Great online picture book library: words, pictures and audio .Hit skip intro, then click on your age group (reading level)   Top navigation bar w/educational games - stories for children in English or Spanish -Comic books in English w/ pictures  Stories w/ sound - stories online  - British site

3. Songs/ Canciones - Beatles songs with fill in the blank exercises

4. Correo electrónico gratis/ e-mail: - mejor sitio para correo electrónico gratis - buscar Direcciones/ números de teléfono:

5. Surfing/ Como Navegar - can toggle between English and Spanish info on Aztec history. - Para los Avanzados:  For more Advanced students: - best topics: Monarch Butterfly, Desert Life, Amazing Aztecs

6. Using the Internet - overview in Spanish - Como usar el ratón - una lección   Mouse skills. - Como usar “Microsoft Word”

7. ESL Games/Juegos

Buscapalabras: -try downhill racer in cross country mode – screen navigation skills -Language arts – elementary -mouse practice - jigsaw puzzles -mouse practice - jigsaw puzzles  Boowa & Kwala games -Funschool- try downhill racer for screen navigation awareness -match words English and Spanish for colors

8. Search Engines - Sitios para Buscar Informacion

9. Avanzados: -Pre-GED & GED online lessons connection (by PBS) -computer application lessons in Spanish Free, technical, kind of boring, good for advanced -California Distance Learning Project for Adult ESL -Listen to story “looking for a job”, W-4 form -all levels and skills

Read student stories

10. No Sound

11. Citizenship - Naturalization site practice for US exam 100 questions


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