Multiple Intelligences


How smart are you? How would you know?

Hopefully, we've gone beyond restricting our intelligence labels to an IQ test that measures linguistic and rational intelligences alone? How smart is a tree? Smart enough to be a tree! Just like you have been smart enough to become you.

Howard Gardener has provided some guidelines for determining and evaluating intelligences that determine how we learn and think. They are just as valid as the standard IQ intelligence, and need to be regarded as we teach adults (and children), particularly those whom the system has failed! Following are a few links to set a breeze into your intelligence sails! - What's Gardner about? - Nice resources for assessing your intelligences and applying learning strategies to help you learn better according to your results. - Description of each intelligence with links to Learning Styles information. - An Adult Multiple Intelligences Study - Good article on MI. - The Key Learning Community: Cultimvating Multiple Intelligences. - Find your intelligence preferences. - Find out about MI and test your knowledge, intelligences and abilities. Follow helpful links. - Links to a variety of sources for MI issues. - Complete a checklist (for adults). - Great and simple worksheet on MI with lots of resources. - Why MI? Lots of data and resources on the subject. - This assessment of MI is pretty down to earth. Adult students might like. - Great description of each intelligence, with examples. Small print and a little academic, but worth the visit! - Simple examples of each intelligence.