Building Rubrics (Learning bricks)


Following are examples of rubric items that you may want to adapt for your students.

 Component 3 - Good or Excellent 2 - Satisfactory 1- Requires further effort
Discussion Forum and Participation


Responds thoughtfully to all prompts in a timely manner.

Consistently responds to issues brought up by other participants or instructor either in online forums or through the listserv.

(Where Applicable) Participated fully as a student in segments taught by colleagues and provided helpful feedback to the instructor.

Responds to all prompts.

Responds sometimes to issues brought up by other participants or instructor to issues brought up by other participants or instructor either in online forums or through the listserv.  

(Where Applicable)
Participated some as a student in learning segments taught by colleagues.

Participates minimally in activities.



Resources for Teachers and Students


Demonstrates knowledge of online resources for students and teachers in similar learning environments.

Shares resources with others, adding helpful descriptions of site content and application.

Demonstrates familiarity with some resources for students and teachers working in similar learning environments. Demonstrates minimal familiarity with resources and minimally shares information with others.
Virtual Classroom  
(Where a project or outcome is requested)


The learning segment is simple, attractive, and submitted in a timely manner.

Components are used effectively to support learning.

Instructions are clear, allowing students to understand the purpose of the segment, the task they are to complete, the process they will follow, the outcome they will produce, the resources they will need, and the rubric under which they will be assessed.

Online and other resources are challenging, fun, and appropriate to the grade level of students.

The submitted learning segment contains most of the essential parts.

Components are reasonably developed to support learning.

Resources are adequate but not necessarily engaging or fun to complete.

The learning segment is submitted late.

Segment contains some essential parts.

Instructions are  cumbersome and resources are limited or not appropriate for the level.

Online Teaching and Assessment
(Where program implementation is applicable)


Students completed assignments with little or no difficulty.

Instructor maintained contact with students throughout the duration of the segment and was available to assist them as needed.

Students worked together to complete some assignments and reinforced each other through to reach the desired outcomes.

Instructor maintained a record of student progress and provided feedback according to rubric categories.

Outcomes showed that students not only learned the objectives for the segment but thrived on discovering additional resources for their own growth.

Students completed  assignments but had difficulty understanding parts of assignments and outcome expectations.

Students worked in groups but did not maintain much contact with the instructor.

Rubrics were not fully defined.

Instructor was available but did not encourage much communication and interactivity.

Outcomes showed reasonable progress.

Students had great difficulty following instructions and had minimal contact with the instructor.

Outcomes showed little progress.


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CDE Adult Education and Family Literacy, Center for At-Risk Education (CARE)