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Following are three simple ideas for tasks you can include in activities you design for your students.

Scavenger Hunts | WebQuests | Games

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A Scavenger Hunt may be an excellent  tool to help you develop a learning activity WITH the student. It's easy to develop, easy to assess, and lots of fun to apply.

Process: Identify something the student want to know more about. Create questions together that will help answer and explore those questions. Search for resources that will best help them uncover what they need. Send them out and let them have some fun.

Scavenger Hunts can be done totally off-line, as you've probably experienced growing up (Yikes, who wants to be grown up?). Use online resources for visual/kinesthetic students, who like to work in groups/teams, and enjoy punching the keyboard. Or combine local resources with online resources with lots of different tasks.

Your Scavenger Hunt can be reported online on a simple MS Word document (ore other common processor), which students complete and email to you, as long as they and you have Word. I'm glad to create a form for you, if you would rather have the info submitted directly to you online, like the enrollment form, for example.

In using Scavenger Hunts with ABE/GED/ESL students, be sensitive to the reading level of the source material they'll use. Also, I highly encourage that you include some relevant questions on math in the process or in the final product. - This site provides instructions on one way to develop a scavenger hunt online. It's written for K-12 teachers, but the format is just fine for anyone.

Reeling in that Perfect Job Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger/Treasure Hunts for High School Topics (Good for GED perp)

Scavenger Hunt on Navigating the Internet (Covers topics like tree ornaments - varied subjects)

You get the idea...


WebQuests take a little longer to create, but they can be used over and over again. There are thousands of Quests now online that you can use if you don't want to create one. If you want to use an online Quest for your students, simple answer the "Activity" questions around it and use at as the "meat" of your activity.

The advantage of a good WebQuest is that your student learns independently from you. Quests can be completed in teams or alone. A good Quest is written at the student's reading level, so be sure to know what that is and check the material for simplicity. Obviously, it will be more difficult to find Quests that match lower reading levels and language ability, but they are out there. Take the time to look. Hopefully, we'll share some of those resources in the forum.

As you'll discover, all Quests follow a predictable outline: Introduction, The Task (objectives/outcomes), The Process (the activities/steps), The Resources, The Rubric, and, possibly, a Teacher's Section (for lower-level readers who need more help from the instructor or peers.)

WebQuest Template

Instructions of Building a Quest - Definition and hundreds of Quests written for different populations. Lots of the Quests are written for adults. Use them if you like them and develop your activity around them.

A WebQuest Matrix 

Super Duper Matrix

Specific Samples   

Front Page 2000 Intro Quest - I created this one, and it's on this site. Feedback would be great.

World Cultures Quest

Immigration Issues - Written for K-12, but it doesn't define that, so adults should be OK with it. Low reading level and great activities. How could you include math? Maybe add some exercises in latitude, map drawing, charts, etc...

Bill Gates Game Proposal - Low reading level. Lots of fun. Full of creativity Among other things, it teaches classification skills. - Here is a good definition with hundreds of Quests for you to browse. Visit their links to business Quests that help define career interests and job info at 

You get the idea..


Lots of educational possibilities here. Use games as rewards, learning tools, samples for students to replicate through their own creativity, and more. Have fun playing games with your students.

Great Games and several of them are free to download.

Games for the Visually Impaired

Educational Games - Some for K-12, but many can be used for adults.

K-12 to Adult Educational Games - Look through the list on the left-hand margin to get specific choices. So much fun, so little time.

Second Language Fun - Finally, a site filled with fun activities, including games, for ESL-EFL students!

Game Book for students who don't like math - K-12, but games are games.

Game rules for PE - Leave it to Canada!

Group Activities - Not really games, although there are some. This is an interesting site dedicated to group stuff. Nice for family literacy, I would say.

General Resources with Specific Help - Astronauts views of our Home Planet. - You've got to visit this site if you are at all interested in how anything works! After you find out, write a summary of what you learned. Tell others in your class about how something works. Have fun! - allows 2 accesses. Great video with narration on many topics. Not too childish, I think... Try the technology area - cars - Variety of lesson plans that can be printed or done online. This is on math but there are many on other subjects. Good source of short activities related to interests.


Help with Homework and Questions  - Lots of help, exercises and activities on many subjects. - This site was not developed for adults, but some of you might enjoy it anyway. It has some fun stuff for people of any age to do. Ask questions about any subject listed, and you'll get an answer! - Fun site. "Your search is over! If you think finding help on the Internet for school related subjects is impossible, think again. Why? Because BrainMania provides FREE personal help for all of your school subjects. Most questions answered in less than 24 hours." In addition, there are interactive forums and chat rooms!  - Answers questions and provides lots of information on different subjects. Just click on your preference. - If you don't have the time to get to a library, this is "The Internet Public Library." Enjoy your search!



Letter of advice to a student asking about essay writing - This site takes you step by step through the process, with windows to insert information. - Ideas and examples of the writing process. - Instructions for essay writing with a clear sample. - Nice tutorial with guides for Narrative, Expository and Persuasive essays, with sample prompts and writings. - Sample letters and many resources for testing and career development

Announce Job Changes
Clarify Your Career Direction
Find a Part-time or Contract Job
When Caught Without a Resume
Friends and Business Acquaintances
Recruiters and Employment Agencies
Answer Want Ads Like a Pro
Guarantee Good References
Sales Letters That Open Doors
Cold Call Target Companies
Reply Form to Increase Response
Uncover Hidden Job Markets
Say "Thank You" with Class
Follow Up. Follow Up. Follow Up.
Get Help From Consultants--Or Become One
Build Good Business Relationships
Promote Yourself In the Media
Prevent Firing or Leave Gracefully
Help Others In the Job Market
Negotiate a Significant Pay Raise
Counter a Written Job Offer


READING - Site has other things, but several short reading passages with comp and other activities, such as Cloze. Print and give for short exercises.


GRAMMAR - This site has numerous resources to texts, literature and structure development.

For example, their
has some nice explanations and exercises on sentence structure, and other grammar topics, as follow:

Copyright and Terms of Use
Introduction to HyperGrammar
The Parts of Speech
The Parts of the Sentence
Using Pronouns
Using Verbs
Building Phrases
Building Clauses
Building Sentences
Writing Paragraphs
Miscellaneous Topics


Math (Give us feedback on some of these sites!) - Lots of exercises. Look into Applied Math (7-12) and do the budgeting plan. - Number Games - Ditto - Measuring mountains - Three Dimensional Box Applet: Working With Volume. Very interactive with simulation. - This is a must. Lots of resources for adults; arithmetic and math resources through GED.

TOP - Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies - Everyday Mathematics Resource Guide - The Math Forum - Pro Teacher - Teach net - Information Center - Arithmetic at Home - Calculator! -Mississippi State  University - Encarta Learning Zone - Lots of math information with a chance to ask on-line questions -

Everyday Math:Figuring a tip, Sale price, Wind Chill, Lottery Odds
$$ Personal Finance Math $$:
Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Retirement, A loan,Stocks
Add, Divide, Factor, GCF, LCM, Pronouncing
Units Conversion:Length, mass, area, volume, speed, power, Temps.
Reduce, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide,Converting
Fraction to Decimal, Decimal to Fraction
Scientific Notation:
Multiply with, Divide with, Converting
The Equation of a Line:
Two points, point and slope, slope and y-int
Graphing and Hearing:
XY-Plot, Polar-Plot, Hear, Points, Lines
Simplifying Expressions:
Powers, Products, Like terms, Anything else
Add/Sub., Multiply, Div., Expon., Compl. the Square
Factoring Polynomials:
Using GCF, Diff. of two Squares, Trinomials
Quadratic Equations:
Solve by factoring, The Quadratic Formula
Radical Expressions:
Square roots, Other roots
Word Problems:
Percents, Numbers, $Money$, Ratios, Rates, Age, Mixtures
Relativity, Weight on other planets
Number Crunching:
Numbers only, with variables too
Solving Equations:
One equation, Two equations, Numerically
Trig. Expressions, Right Triangles
Plotting Conic Sections:
Circles, Parabolas, Ellipses, Hyperbolas
Data Analysis:
Average, Standard Deviation, Histograms
Stuff about Geometrical Objects:
Circles, Squares, Rectangles, Spheres, Cylinders, R.,Triangles
Derivatives Quotient Rule, Integration: Symbolic, Numeric
Questions and Answers: General, Algebra, Calculus, Word, Webmath, Comments
Math Software for your PC:
Online, CD-ROM, Demonstration



ESL RESOURCES - Links for teachers and students on ESL methodology, language tests, reading materials, on-line tests, and many other goodies.

SCIENCE/HEALTH - How was the earth formed? What happened? Check out this student site and click through the information. When you finish, discuss what you learned with others. Ask people around you how they think the earth was formed. Read some of the information on this site. It has some different ideas about how the earth was formed. What do you think? - pretty decent reading level on Inside the human body. - Science activities. For kids but the activities can be adapted. Good suggestions. - How well do you know your body quiz.


Credit Cards and Loans

abcs_interest/abcs_interest.html - This site will teach you step-by-step how to figure the interest you will pay on any loan. It is offered by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. - This site tells you everything you need to know about getting, using, and paying for stuff with credit cards. Don't miss it. The site has links to the following information:

FREE Debt Reduction Help!
Lists of credit cards
The fine print in credit card agreements
Misc Credit Cards Info
All About Credit Cards, Other Cards
Billing Errors and Overcharges
Buying things with Credit Cards
Credit Card Fraud - It happens all too frequently
How to prevent the credit bureaus from selling your name to mailing lists
Good Cards, Bad Cards


FUN - Riddles

TECH - PC Support. High reading level. - This site shows how everything works. Reading difficulty varies. Some topics may need to be rewritten or read together with higher-level reader. - Technical vocabulary and definitions. - Two-stroke engines. How they work.

MUSIC - Huge # of song lyrics. They can memorize or redo in their own words. - Ditto - music software

PICS - great photo gallery