Bringing Baby Home

Designed by Stacy Fernandez
Intermediate ESL Students

Mom with Baby

Introduction  stork with baby

Congratulations!! You just had your first baby!!

Now you have the baby. What do you need before you bring baby home?



 stork with baby

  • You will decide if you are having a boy or girl.
  • You will name the baby.
  • You will list what you need to leave the hospital with.
  • You will list what you need for the first month after having your baby.

Process  stork with baby

A. First, you need to decide what you had a boy or girl? Find a name for your baby!
  1. Go to
  2. Go to search baby names.
  3. Type in baby name.
  4. Write down the meaning and origin of name.
Baby Boy or Girl ?  

B. Second, find out what you need to leave the hospital with your baby.

  1. Go to
  2. Type in hosptials and your city and state.
  3. Pick a hospital.
    Hospital Name  
    Phone Number  
  4. Call the hospital ask about their rules for bring home baby.
  5. Fill out the A. Hospital side.
  6. Go to
  7. Fill out the B. Websites side.
B. Websites

C. Third, find out what you need for baby's first month.

1. Go to and
2. Make a list of what you need.

Baby's First Month At Home


Resourcesstork with baby

See Process Section.

Evaluation Rubric stork with baby  

  • Completely filled out chart for boy or girl is worth 25 points.
  • Hospital information chart filled out completely is worth 25 points.
  • Hospital vs. websites chart completely filled out is worth 25 points.
  • Completely filled out chart for baby's first month home is worth 25 points.
    Total project is worth 100 points.


Conclusion stork with baby  

Congratulations! You are ready to bring your baby home from the hospital. You are now ready to use to look up businesses. You can use websites to get information from and pick out what matters to you.

Teacher Notes stork with baby  

There are a lot of additions that could be done to this lesson. We could use this after worked on a budget for having a baby and figuring out the cost of raising a child. We could also shop for diapers, clothes and other baby items online. We could also look at finding the right doctor for the baby and so forth this lesson is very expandable.