Create a Cookbook
Created by Therese Trantow
EDU134, Spring 2010
Beginning to High Intermediate ESL Students

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Hi there!  Iím glad youíre here.  In this project, you will learn to write about a familiar subject, family recipes!  You will learn how to write in chronological order, as well as write directions and a story in simple paragraph form.  At the end of this project you will have helped to create a class cookbook!


The Task

In this project you will gather the recipe information from fellow students. You will use the 5 Wís  (who, where, when, why, & what).  Within these questions you will write a memory that surrounds the recipe.


The Process

1. As a group look at various pictures of foods & dishes and discuss; Note the format and review the wording in the cookbook.

2.  Google a picture of your dish or a picture of your village. Print it out.

3. Record new words or process learned.

4. Write out the questions that you will ask your fellow classmates regarding the recipe they want to share.

5.  List the ingredients, amounts, and then directions. Check to see if ideas are clear.

6. Type recipe & story in Word, use Spell check, save, & email to me as an attachment.

7. Please follow this order: Name of recipe in both Spanish & English, list of ingredients, directions on how to make the recipe followed by a memory surrounding the recipe, no more than 5 sentences.

 8. Be sure to include the name of the person whoís recipe it is & where they are from (village & State).

9. Check each otherís work for spelling, punctuation, and clarity.



Cookbooks from home; food magazines; personal photos from country; camera; Google images; and if possible, a culinary speaker to talk about food safety (optional).


Exemplary: 30 points: Uses English for interview; Includes all 5 W's; Lists ingredients & directions in correct order; The "memory" surrounding the recipe has at least 4 sentences.

Satisfactory:  20 points: Uses some English for interview; Includes at least 3 of the 5 W's; Lists ingredients & directions but are difficult to follow; Memory surrounding recipe has fewer than 4 sentences.

Needs Improvement: 10 points: Does not use any English to obtain information; Uses only 1 or 2 W's; Ingredients and directions do not have a logical connection;  Memory has only 1 sentence.

Not Submitted or Partially submitted:  0 Points:   Interview not attempted or incomplete, no use of English; No W's attempted; List of ingredients and directions incomplete;  Incomplete sentences.


At an end of the year fiesta, I hope that you will want to make these dishes to share with our Learning Community. We will also have a cookbook that you can share with your family & friends.  We could also offer it for sale as a fundraiser for our program.  You have added to our community by your contribution.  Thank you!

Teacher Notes

 I used the publication help: Read, Write, Think for our cookbook. You need to physically cut & paste but it has some nice layouts & is easy to use.