How’s the weather in Colorado?

by Meg Clark
Intermediate ESL Students





Welcome to Colorado, land of the ever changing weather.


In a state where there are many changes in the weather, it is important to know what the weather forecast is.  The weather affects what we wear and what we do.  People also enjoy talking about the weather and what is happening with the weather.




You will learn weather vocabulary

  • listen to weather reports
  • hold a conversation about the weather
  • learn how to find weather reports
  • learn how to find driving conditions




1. Copy each word on the  list of vocabulary words on handout #1 on to  3 x 5” cards.  Go to: . Find and print a picture of each of the weather vocabulary words and glue it on to the back of the card.

2.   Go to:

Choose three activities) to practice the vocabulary

3.  Read the weather report in the Denver Post or online and answer questions in section A of handout #2

4.  Read a weather report for another city in the world at answer the questions  in Section B of handout #2

5. Listen to a  weather report on the television the same day you read the weather report and answer questions on section C of hand-out #2

6. Call CDOT( Colorado Department of Transportation)

 303-639-1111 and listen to road conditions.  Find out about the road conditions in Denver and in the mountains.  Go to:


and read abut t the road conditions in Colorado and answer the questions in part D of Handout #2.

7.  With a partner write and perform an 8 + line dialog about the weather and the road conditions. Refer to oral and written rubrics on Handout #3

78.  The grade sheet for this unit is Handout #4




Weather vocabulary list Handout #1


  1. Worksheet to complete for above activities
  2. Handout #2
  3. Rubrics  Handout #3
  4. Grade sheet Handout #4
  8. http//
  10. Http://

Evaluation Rubric



Handout #3

Handout #4




Hopefully you now know where to find weather and road conditions and you are able to talk to others about this changing and fascinating topic.

Teacher Notes



This lesson could be expanded to include other vocabulary including clothing, sports activities and idiomatic weather expressions.  It could also lead to a study of dangerous weather conditions and what to do in a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, etc.