Text Box: If you want to take advantage of the technology now available to have your students take tests, you have many options. To explore them, simply go to Google and type in the key words you prefer. I typed “online test creator” and had loads to choose from.

I have downloaded a free demo for the Marcsoft Test Creator. It lets you create multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions. The tests can either be printed out in paper format or fully automated and administered using the Test Taker application. You set up your class, students and tests in an easy sequence. The information automatically gets sent to a database (Access) so that you can keep track of results by student. I haven’t played with it long, but you might enjoy using it. If you need server space to offer the tests to students, I can work with you on that. In fact, send me a couple of tests with student info and I’ll post it for you. We can learn together! You can download the shareware program FREE. Later, if you decide, you can register it for $49. Check it out at http://www.finaldownload.com/education_teaching_tools_test_creator.html. 

Discovery School has a nifty quiz creation service. It’s FREE to educators. You create the quiz on their site, using friendly boxes. You include right answers as you go along, and you are set to go. They do the rest for you at no charge. You can get a license to place the quiz maker on your own server for $250, but with their service online, you don’t need to pay for anything. If you like, the student answers can be mailed directly to your email address. To access their site, which also has oodles of other tools, go to http://school.discovery.com/quizcenter/.

Puzzles, Games, and Other Activities

It’s unbelievable how many sites support educational entertainment. Everyone appears to finally be getting the picture: many people learn through kinesthetic, musical and visual intelligences! If you want to play before sending your students out there, here are some good places to start. Actually, there is one major place to start: http://www.khake.com. When the site opens, click on Index to Site. That will give you a vast number of topics from which to choose. Click on Calculator, under “C,” for example, then click on “calculator.com” to access a list of online calculators of many different types: mortgage, scientific, fractions, unit converter and more. If you can stand the pop-ups, you’ll be OK.

ESL games and activities on the ESL Center: http://members.aol.com/eslkathy/esl.htm
Lots of other graded ESL activities: http://a4esl.org 
A tangram is a puzzle that helps develop spatial-visualization skills, but it may also be used to introduce or reinforce geometrical concepts such as congruency, similarity, symmetry, and so forth. Construct a tangram with your students following instructions at http://mathforum.org/trscavo/tangrams/. The Math Forum also has many other great activities in math.
Want a great choice of geography games? Check the resources at http://members.aol.com/bowermanb/games.html
The Game Theory site has some great online games to improve and test your reasoning ability—http://www.gametheory.net/html/games.html

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Volume 3 Issue 8, December, 2004