ESL Grammar Lab Activities: Instructions for Teachers or Students

You have sixteen students who need to learn more English. Some read better; others speak better; some are just beginning; others are more advanced, but they need more pronunciation; others are ready to go except for writing and grammar application. On and on. Those of us who have taught ESL for years know the challenge. So here’s a little bit of help if you have Internet connection and are willing to spend just a little time showing students around links and instructions. Maybe other students can help until they get comfortable. (Now that’s a verb to give students a challenge: TO GET!) For those more advanced students who like and need grammar practice, here are two sets of activities.

I. Grammar — Parts of Speech  (Also good for Native Speakers )

1.  Click on (go to) - Do all four activities at the site until all parts of speech are memorized. Click on “See list of terms” to begin learning terms, then go to each of the activities. 

2.  Go to  - Take four pop quizzes on each part of speech that you memorized. The definitions of terms are advanced, but the quizzes are easily understood.

3.  Write four sentences about your life. Identify each part of the sentence. Exchange your writing with someone else and discuss how you used different parts of speech.

II. Grammar—Irregular Verbs

 1.  Click on - Pick the list of irregular verbs that you like the most, and study it for a few minutes.  

 2. Click on  - Get a piece of paper or print the page, and fill out information from one of the lists above.

 3.  Go to - Use the flashcards to learn the simple past of verbs. You can practice with a friend or friends. This is a slow site. The cards take awhile to load. You can see the front or back of each card with a verb. When you finish with a card, click on “Remove Card” to go to the next.

 4.  Do one of the following activities.


Go to the site   - Play a higher and higher level of past irregular verbs.  See how high you can go with the fewest mistakes!

Go to the site - It has a list of both simple past and past participle.  Guess answer before looking.

Go to the site - You'll see another chart with blanks to fill with both simple past and past participles.   


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 Next time: ESL activities for beginning students!