Text Box: How does energy work in our physical world? It moves throughout the world of work as different concepts, such as force, work, rate, resistance, power, and more.  It operates through four systems: mechanical, thermal, electrical (energetic), and fluid. Anyone who wants to work in a technical fields would do well to practice the concepts that move our modern technology.  
A large number of our adult students want to work as mechanics, electricians, computer repairman, builders, and related fields. Yet, they often lack the understanding of important principles and how they operate. They lack the math that these fields require because math was never applied to anything they knew or wanted to know.
I’ve had a chance to work extensively with the materials published by CORD Communications in Waco, Texas: http://www.cordcommunications.com. I’m impressed with the content and sequence of their curriculum, but more than that, by the language used: simple, short sentences, and lots of tags around clear graphics. The materials also include all of the math a student needs to complete the assignments and plenty of lab work supported by videos, etc… Their materials are not online, but they’ll promptly send you samples. I notice that they have recently gotten into what they call “Context Learning” for algebra, geometry, physics and biology. Since our students hunger for an thrive on relevant context, it’s worth considering such an approach for GED preparation. The labs are full of fun projects to engage students.
Once a principle is discussed, the Web is full of activities to support its practice. Go to Google, enter the principle or concept, followed by “activities” or “tutorials” or “lessons” and have fun. (I think my favorite math site is http://www.aaamath.com. Check out their links, like the Practical Math link.)
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Text Box: I’ve just completed the Access WebTask series. You can check out the tasks at  http://www.integratelearning.org/RT/Webtasks/webtasks.htm, in the Learning Applications column. Be sure to scroll down the page and examine the list of reading, writing, and math activities that follow each project’s content. These Reading for and through Technology tasks are funded by CDE for use in all programs that want to get students online to learn more about applications while they improve their academic skills.

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Volume 2, Issue 4, June/July 2004

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