Text Box: The  Four Corners  Virtual Resource Center has posted additional Webtasks leading to computer literacy. Check out the Power Point series and the beginning series covering MS Word. By the end of June, you’ll also be able to access Webtasks on Access and Web Searching as well. All tasks are written for adults, at approximately the 5th-6th grade reading level. All tasks lead students through the completion of a short technology tutorial with related writing and math activities to support their academic learning.
Until our students feel comfortable navigating the resources we have for them, they need help. Lots of help. As you apply the resources, please let students know that they should ask questions until they feel comfortable. My suggestion is to have students work on the Webtasks while others are reading, writing, or computing to complete other projects. That way, you can buzz your way around the classroom pollinating information as needed.
I have created a blossoming page that helps you identify the activities in each task that are most helpful. Please take a look at the charts and links at  http://www.integratelearning.org/RT/Webtasks/webtasks.htm.
Text Box: Self-Directed Learning Activities for Adults

Four Corners Virtual Resource Center

A CDE.CARE/Adult Education and Family Literacy (AEFL) Service

through SWBOCS Adult  Education Program




Text Box: Summer Online Credit Courses for Teachers!
Text Box: PBS TeacherLine’s summer professional development courses online begin June 16th, and courses are now open for enrollment.   This summer, PBS is offering 11 Colorado courses as well as 30 national courses. As a Colorado educator, you may enroll in any of these 41 courses. Online courses are six weeks in length. 
Although you’ll find lots of K-12 language, don’t be discouraged. Many topics are ideal for adult educators as well. As a facilitator, I’ve worked with several adult ed teachers who loved the experience. No technical background is required. PBS helps you with that. 
PBS courses are created by professionals from different universities and facilitated by trained teachers all over the country. Credit is offered through Adams State. This year, PBS will also offering certification in Math and Reading based on Colorado standards.
All Colorado math and science courses, and most national math courses, DO count towards the “highly qualified” status for No Child Left Behind. Math teachers who need to become highly qualified may enroll in the new Mathematics Certificate Program and earn 12 credit hours through a one-year certificate program. Please email Katie Eck (kteck@rmpbs.org) for more information on the Colorado Standards-Based Mathematics Certificate program. To register for one of the Rocky Mountain PBS TeacherLine courses, go to www.rmpbs.org/learn/teacherline. If you register, you’ll get mugged! Enroll Now and Get a PBS TeacherLine Coffee Mug.
To view the national catalog and register for national courses, go to http://teacherline.pbs.org/teacherline/modules/tlcatalog.cfm.
If you have any questions or need assistance with registration, email kteck@rmpbs.org or call (303) 524-9646. She will  be happy to answer your questions or walk you through the enrollment process.

Leecy Wise





Volume 2, Issue 3 , April/May 2004