March 2009 Volume 10, Issue 8


Recommendations from the Field

From Kathy Ellithorpe (Delta Center, Monte vista)
for ESL Learners

(Kathy will be offering a Lunch and Learn session on how to use Moodle with students! Stay tuned!)


Some of the BEST TEACHER sites.  Most are free.

  • Free ESL/EFL resources for teachers of young learners. Flash cards, phonics cards, games, and activities all ready for download and printing. No registration. No hassles. Just print and go.

  • FREE downloadable audio with matching worksheets. There are custom worksheet makers for teacher to make their own worksheets to match MES-English flashcards. There are several different audio files and several different worksheets. You can mix and match them to make a listening exercise that's right for your students!

  • - English for the medical professional. Resources for both teachers and students.

  • - Teaching tips, games, interviews, activities, downloads and more.


  • I really like  It has simply written current news stories that students can read and/or listen to. It includes a full lesson plan with activities that teachers can print and use in class.  Iíve used it with advanced ESL students, but it could probably be used for GED too. Virginia Nicolai

  • A student recommended this article and I found it quite interesting. Sue Knepley

  • I have been really impressed with USA Learns (  Previously I had seen my students entranced by InglesMundial and LanguageGuide, but not to the extent that they work and learn from USA Learns. It was also easy to enroll them as members of "my class" and I can monitor their success. It will be interesting to see if students continue their work in USA Learns over the summer. This is potentially possible as all they need is a high speed internet connection which is available for their use at most libraries. The teacher portal is available at . Find out more information about the project by clicking on "about us" at the bottom of these pages. Tom Dietvorst

Thanks, Kathy, Sue, Virginia and Tom! Keep those recommendations coming! We can all benefit from them.

You are vigorously and enthusiastically invited to send in your favorite sites and resources to be share in our next Tech Beat issue.

Tech Ladder Certification

At the beginning of the year, we announced resources to help you complete the technology certification process using the standards listed and posted on our wiki. Several of you stated your desire to match your skills against the requirements for four different levels. Once your skills are verified, you will receive a certificate for the appropriate level so that you may use it in your employment or toward further certification along the technology ladder.

Please contact to reopen the Tech Ladder process.

Tutorials are listed and constantly being added to help you increase your technology skills on our wiki. Go to and wear the pearls that await you there! Start showing paper for what you know!

Lunch and Learn (LL)

The next Lunch and Learn session is scheduled for Friday (tomorrow), March 27th, Noon - 1PM. This week's topic is The Role of Technology in Differentiating Instruction.

Our previous LL session had thirteen lively participants who learned how to use Hot Potatoes under the expert guidance of John Jorbacz. His resources and activities, along with all other LL resources are posted on our wiki, Thanks John and participants for a fun and helpful meeting!

Upcoming LL sessions will be presented by two different Colorado instructors who are using Moodle and blogs to enhance their students' learning experience.

We have just renewed our state Moodle license, so you might as well know how to use its incredibly robust teaching tools

Look for information on those sessions on Click.

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