Becoming Involved in Your Child’s Education, Sara Molden -Instructional Unit Design for Area 1 ESL Adult Students in a Family Literacy Program - Sara Molden (EDU 133, taught by Sue Knepley)


Using the Public Library, Margaret Larson - Low Intermediate to Low High ESL students in day program (Best Plus score 2 or better)

Grocery Shopping, Maneenuch Ungka-Uthaiworn -  Low beginning to low intermediate adult ESL students (SPL levels 1 – 4)

A Place to Live, Patricia Allingham - High intermediate to advanced English language learners in a 3 night, 2.5 hour evening program. 

Managing a Bank Account, Marcia Bettger - The students are 3.5 to 6.9 reading or mathematics ABE students who are a part of a lab setting which is conducted on an individualized basis. Students will be a part of this lesson throughout the day. Many of the students are younger students who do not have experience with checking and savings accounts.

Disc Brake Repair, Dean Brooks - Any adult with need and interest and approximately 8th level reading ability.  

Consuming Nutritious Foods, Brenda Zion -Advanced ESL students who are refugees and have recently come to the United States after living for several years in a refugee camp.

Getting Involved in Your Child's Education, Caree Edson - Lower level ESL (SPL 3-4) students who meet regularly 2 times a week in evening classes for two hours each. 

Fire Safety, Heather Bridges - Advanced ESL class.  Various ages and ethnic backgrounds. 

Follow the Directions: Giving and Receiving Directions Using a Local Map, Danielle Carre’ - beginning ESL student SPL 1-2.


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