May/June, 2009 Volume 10, Issue 10


Colorado Adult Ed Teachers Shine!

You may check our Colorado Adult Education content site for new entries contributed by our state instructors taking CCCOnline EDU courses. For lesson plans created by Sue Knepley's students, go to

For Webquests created by CCCOnline EDU134 students, go to the site’s home page,, scroll down to Webquests for Adult Learners Developed by Adult Ed Teachers in Colorado (NEW!), and select the Webquest that suits you the most.

I have also entered a Webquest, A Car to Take You Far, that I recently created for beginning ESL students. The Quest includes several suggestions for extending the activity to more advanced learners and adapting instruction to include additional intelligences and content.

As you know from previous issues, carefully selected and reviewed Webquests provide the ideal opportunity for students to become independent learners. To learn more about Webquests and access additional content, go to

Lunch and Learn

Following are our last two LL sessions for the year.

  1. Adult Ed Moodle 6/12 - – This is a follow up session on April’s Introduction to Moodle. You will be taken through the process of entering a simple Moodle activity for your students on our state site. You will be shown how to work with information columns for all students (calendar, calculator, contact, grades), how to enter assignments, how to create quizzes, and how to open discussion forums and generate dialog. You’ll be given links to easy tutorials through which to build additional skills in Moodle. Spend some summertime setting up your segments to the fall!
  2. Second Life 6/19 - Travel with us through this amazing virtual world, and watch avatars interacting with each other in educational environments. This is one of the still underused free tools on the Web. Once you experience it, you won't be able to resist it - for yourself or your students. See you in Second Life!

Our new Elluminate license allows for only ten people total, so if you try to join the session and are turned away it is because the session was closed.

You may access the session through our new URL:

You may access all content for Lunch and Learn sessions listed on our wiki:, along with many other resources.

To become a writer and contributor to our wiki, simply register to become a writer and, once approved, start adding your ideas and resources to help us all become better at what we do.

Sites to Ponder

Websites are rich in content, and, if carefully selected, can engage learners as never before as they acquire the knowledge you offer them onsite through other tools.

Marsea Wynne suggests the English Language resources from BBC: They are wonderful. Be aware, however, that the English vocabulary on BBC can be radically different from our own in many cases, so review the content and clarify with students. Check out their blog session and get involved at - Pictionary is a guessing word game published in 1985. The game is played with teams with players trying to identify specific words from their teammates' drawings. I played a version of the game growing up and have used it in college ESL classes. It’s a hoot! Could also work for ABE and GED, depending on the vocabulary to be covered, from technical, to occupational, to anything.

Luri Owen suggests making your own picture dictionary, for ABE, GED, Family Literacy or ESL, depending on the complexity and type of the chosen content. Go to . “Ready to get started with RealeBooks? Download the free version of our RealeWriter software. With RealeWriter, you can download RealeBooks directly from RealeLibraries right into your own computer to see how others have crafted them. Then you can use RealeWriter to try your hand at making and contributing your own RealeBooks to inform and delight the people in your life or even those beyond your own home.” Lots of sample on the site. Your students will love this tool. - You know that our students learn predominantly through visual/spacial intelligences. “Try Visual Dictionary, to learn by way of image with thematic, clear and precise pages, with concise and rigorous texts, multilingual, the InfoVisual will become an academic resource. Different from an encyclopedia or from a traditional online dictionaries, thesauri and glossaries because the images replace the words.” Try one of the search options and enjoy. - This is a robust site filled with ideas on integrating technology in instruction. I recently taught a course on Theme-Based instruction. This site is one of several that encourage cross-disciplinary instruction around a theme. Among other great resources, you may access theme-based tools that can really zap you learning environment. “Using a thematic approach is a great way to cover a variety of topics related to a major topic or unit. Pick a theme from our selection of popular themes. There are topics and links to a variety of resources that will help you to develop lessons that are challenging, exciting, and fun for students!" The site features over forty teacher resources per thematic unit. Theme-based learning can be used by one instructor or by a team of people working from different angles. It's sort of like examining the elephant from different perspectives!  Go to on the same site. - This site offers you what so many others charge you for – rich, interactive content in a huge variety of topics. I’m thinking GED prep, but you can use the content in many ways. - I just came across this jewel, which develops ESL curriculum for adults. “At REEP, ESL is much more than grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Lifeskills instruction, student voice, and integration of technology are cornerstones of REEP’s instructional program. Students vote on lifeskills topics such as health, employment, child's school and transportation to determine the context through which they will develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.”

Make Friends with Standards

Wouldn't it be rewarding to all if students could look at standards as measures of accomplishment and gain a lot of confidence from doing so? What would happen if we used standards as review checklists with students?

Earlier this year, you were given technology standards at four different levels. Those are posted on our wiki: Once you open the site, you’ll find your Tech Ladder Technology Standards, matched to several tutorials and resources on how to acquire the listed skill. Those standards or checklists can significantly help students measure their progress in learning computer skills. You may also gain state-recognized certificates for your journey up the ladder.

Along with other standards that you may have chosen for your programs, SCANS skills and competencies also provide excellent checklists for students. It is amazing what they can check off after an hour’s session where they are engaged in learning.

The following site offers a different and very detailed checklist of computer skills you may want to adopt or adapt for students: Let them keep their own records!

Finally, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) provided educators with the first (and only?) set of national technology standards to be integrated into education. ISTE’s  National Technology Education Standards (NETS) provide a different view of stating skills: rubrics. To access those thoroughly described rubrics, go to .

Why not match instruction to standards, not so much for administrative purposes but for learners who love to see concrete evidence of progress in our programs!

Rendezvous 2009 -

Be sure to register for Rendezvous 2009 to be held August 6-7, Beaver Run, Breckenridge, Colorado. If you want additional information, contact CAEPA president Glenda Sinks: (720) 944-2438 or Thanks, Glenda, Jolene Goerend and others helping now and in previous years, to promote this conference!

Think Again

1. Native Land

If Alan is from New Zealand,
And Britain is where Rita is from,
Pease tell me if you are so able,
The countries of Eric and Don?

2. W hat phrase does the box depict?




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