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This site is made possible by Unlimited Learning, Inc, your adult education resource in Cortez, Colorado. Services by Unlimited Learning, Inc. are offered through the in Cortez, Colorado.

Colorado has a wide array of resources for education and training. Find out about learning opportunities in secondary and post-secondary education including community colleges and four year institutions; technical and adult basic education and public and private vocational schools. Visit our Collaborative site E-COLORADO for links to helpful resources.

Additional state resources are listed on the CDE/AEFLA site.

Welcome to resources developed
for and by Colorado adult educators and their students!

Colorado Adult Education Instructors now have a wiki, loaded with increasing content for teaching ESL, ABE and GED students. Please visit our site at

Materials On this Site

Lesson Plans


WebQuests for Adult Learners

Developed by Adult Ed Teachers in Colorado taking EDU134 (ESL) through CCCOnline 2011

Model WebQuest Developed by 4CPDRC (Leecy Wise)

  • A Car to Take You Far - For beginning ESL learners with suggestions for adapting activities to more advanced students.

Developed by Adult Ed Teachers in Colorado taking EDU134 (ESL) through CCCOnline 2010

Developed by Adult Ed Teachers in Colorado taking EDU134 (ESL) through CCCOnline 2009

Blogs for Adult Learners
Adult Ed Teachers in Colorado are getting students online through blogging!

  • - We all have different cultures and we are very creative with open minds. However, we can be sort of shy at times. We work together on some things, and we put our minds together to have one big creative mind to work with. We are making an effort to improve ourselves.

  • - We are an enthusiastic group of students trying to do our best effort in order to achieve our goals. We come from around the world, but we live in the United States. We hope you enjoy our stories.

  • - These are the collected writings of a Pre-GED class in Colorado Springs. We hope you enjoy reading about our lives!

  • - Durango Adult Education blog.

  • - Share information and pointers for learning English (ESL) or other languages.

  • - As you all know I am a student myself and you all have graciously been helping me with several of my assignments. One of those assignments is to create this blog (this page) as a means for us to communicate about subjects that interest us.

  • - Welcome to The World Awaits You. Here you will follow each Geography lesson given to you and turn in your assignment to me. With each assignment you turn in I will return to the site and publish your work for everyone to see (you will be given the chance to change anything before publishing or you may decide to not publish).

Newsletters published monthly by ULC

  • Tech Tips- A newsletter with tips for using computer technology in business and education.
  • Tech Beat - A newsletter for using technology in Colorado adult education programs.NOTE: Tech Beat is no longer published. Archived copies of past issues under CDE/AEFLA funding are listed.

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